Lake Temagami

Chimo Island #665 (hub of the lake)

Mondays 10am - 6pm

Massages on Chimo Island are in a little guest cabin along the shore. There are quite a few stairs to get up to the guest cabin but it is well worth it! You can hear the water, the wind, and lots of birds. 

Boating: There are no shoals near our dock. Directions > > > Click Here


Map of Lake Temagami

Mine Landing

Close-up Map - Location of  Massage Cabin

Mon    10am-8pm

Tues            —

Wed    10am-8pm

Thur            — 

Fri        10am-8pm

Sat       10am-8pm

Sun              —

Temagami MassageTherpy


Temagami Medical Centre

17 O'Connor Drive, Temagami ON P0H 2H0

Doreen Potts Health Centre

Doreen Potts Health Centre 

Bear Island, Lake Temagami, 



Temporarily closed


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